4 Global Market Updates- 3 August, 2022

In this article, we have covered the highlights of global market news about the Crude Oil Price, GBP/USD, USD/CAD and EUR/USD.
Crude Oil Futures: More consolidation is on the way

According to CME Group advanced prints, open interest in crude oil futures markets fell by roughly 8.2K on Tuesday after three consecutive daily gains. Following two daily increases in a row, volume fell by roughly 108.7K contracts.

On Tuesday, the WTI recorded an indecisive session amid declining open interest and volume, indicating the persistence of the range-bound theme in the very near term. So far, the commodity has been supported by a price of $90.00 per barrel.

GBP/USD is now consolidating – UOB

“We said yesterday that ‘the quick climb looks to be continuing, although there is headroom for GBP to get above 1.2300 before the possibility of a retreat increases.’ We were not expecting such a steep and quick decrease to 1.2158. (high has been 1.2279). The pound is losing ground and might fall below 1.2100. For the time being, the next support level at 1.2040 is not likely to be challenged. The resistance level is 1.2195, followed by 1.2225.”

“The pound fell rapidly to a low of 1.2158 yesterday.” While our strong support’ at 1.2135 remains in place, the upward impetus has faded. In other words, the GBP surge that began late last week has abruptly ended. GBP looks to have entered a consolidation phase and is expected to trade around the 1.2040/1.2255 area for the time being.”

USD/CAD bears test 1.2850 as oil prices surge ahead of the OPEC meeting, with attention focused on US data and Taiwan.

USD/CAD accepts offers to repeat the intraday low around 1.2850 ahead of the European session on Wednesday. The Loonie pair gained ground over the past two days before backtracking from its weekly high of 1.2891. On the other hand, the retreat movements are influenced by the lately higher prices of Canada’s principal export commodity, WTI crude oil. The US dollar’s fall amid cautious optimism ahead of crucial US data also keeps USD/CAD prices high.


Nonetheless, WTI crude oil prices broke a two-day downtrend, rising 0.63 percent intraday near $93.75, amid growing expectations of no significant change in oil producers’ policy during today’s meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and allies, including Russia, known as OPEC+.

EUR/USD maintains its consolidative tone – UOB

“We underlined yesterday that ‘upward momentum is starting to develop, but it remains to be seen whether EUR can breach the significant barrier above 1.0300.” As the EUR dropped quickly from 1.0293, the key barrier of 1.0300 remained intact (the low was 1.0162). The quick decline may continue, although it is unlikely to breach the key support around 1.0100. (there is another support at 1.0130). A break of 1.0210 (minor resistance is at 1.0195) on the upside would signal that the present bearish pressure has decreased.”

“We emphasized yesterday that the risk for the EUR is turning to the upside, but EUR must first cross 1.0300 before a prolonged increase is conceivable.” EUR failed to break beyond 1.0300, falling quickly from 1.0293. The surge in upward momentum faded shortly. The price activity suggests that the EUR is consolidating and will likely trade between 1.0100 and 1.0260. The EUR must break through the main support level of 1.0100 before conceiving a significant drop.”

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