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Dovish Tilt of Banxico causes USD/MXN Volatility

by Kashish Murarka   ·  July 2, 2024  

Dovish Tilt of Banxico causes USD/MXN Volatility

by Kashish Murarka   ·  July 2, 2024  

The Mexican Peso recently exhibited resilience despite a dovish tilt by Banxico at its latest policy meeting. A dovish tilt indicates a preference towards interest-rate cuts, which generally weakens a currency. Nevertheless, the USD/MXN pair displayed significant volatility, leaving investors uncertain about its future direction.

Banxico’s Dovish Tilt: A Closer Look

Banxico, Mexico’s central bank, decided to keep interest rates steady at 11.00%. However, the meeting’s dovish tilt was apparent in the language and voting distribution. One member voted to cut interest rates, signaling a potential shift towards a more accommodative monetary policy. This dovish tilt could lead to interest-rate cuts in the near future, which typically reduces foreign capital inflows and weakens the Mexican Peso.

Immediate Market Reactions

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Despite the dovish tilt, the Mexican Peso recovered around three-quarters of a percent against major currencies. The USD/MXN pair experienced volatile movements with no clear short-term trend. After peaking at 18.60, it fell back to the 18.30s. This volatility reflects market uncertainty regarding Banxico’s future actions.

Economic Activity and Inflation Considerations

Banxico’s dovish tilt also included concerns about economic activity. The statement highlighted a downside risk to economic growth, suggesting that economic activity may slow down. This is significant because slower economic activity can reduce inflationary pressures. However, near-term inflation forecasts were revised upwards due to the recent depreciation of the Mexican Peso.

The Potential Impact of Interest-Rate Cuts

If Banxico continues with its dovish tilt, interest-rate cuts could be on the horizon. Lower interest rates generally lead to a weaker currency as they make investments less attractive to foreign investors. Consequently, the USD/MXN pair might experience further volatility. Analysts at Rabobank expect two 0.25% rate cuts in 2024, resulting in an end-of-year policy rate of 10.50%. In contrast, Capital Economics predicts four rate cuts, with a year-end rate of 10.00%.

USD/MXN Technical Analysis

The USD/MXN pair’s recent movements suggest a lack of clear direction. A three-wave ABC correction pattern emerged, indicating potential short-term uptrend continuation. However, the evidence for this is not strong. A drop below 18.06 could resume the downtrend, targeting the June 24 low of 17.87. Conversely, a rally above 18.60 might push the pair to 18.68 or even 19.00, confirming a short-and-intermediate-term uptrend.

Long-Term Economic Activity and Inflation Outlook

Banxico’s dovish tilt implies that the long-term outlook for economic activity and inflation remains uncertain. The central bank’s statement included new language about the balance of risks to economic growth being biased to the downside. This mirrors the prelude to the interest-rate cut in March. If economic activity continues to slow, it could mitigate inflationary pressures in the long run. However, the short-term inflation forecast has increased due to the weaker Peso, suggesting a complex interplay between economic activity and inflation.

Investment Strategies Amid Volatility

Investors should consider several strategies to navigate the volatility in the USD/MXN pair. Hedging against currency risk is crucial, especially with the potential for further interest-rate cuts. Diversifying investments can also help mitigate risks associated with economic activity fluctuations. Monitoring Banxico’s policy announcements closely will be essential for making informed decisions.


Banxico’s dovish tilt has introduced significant volatility into the USD/MXN pair. The potential for interest-rate cuts raises concerns about the future strength of the Mexican Peso. While near-term inflation is expected to rise due to the Peso’s depreciation, long-term inflation remains uncertain. Economic activity shows signs of slowing, adding another layer of complexity for investors. Adopting strategic investment approaches and staying informed on Banxico’s policy moves will be key in navigating this volatile environment.

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