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Forex News December 16, 2021

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The first occurrence of a community-wide Omicron variation has been discovered in Japan. 

The Omicron variant’s proliferation appears to be unavoidable. We must be aware that it is up to four times more transmissible than the Delta variety, and that instances are doubling every two to three days, implying that widespread disruption is still possible. As typically, the picture is hazy, but keep a close eye on the case numbers. 

The instances from South Africa and the United Kingdom are alarming. Yes, it may be less lethal, and yes, vaccinations may be able to deal with it, for the most part. However, there might be a lot of it about. This is most likely what is currently dragging on the FTSE.


Evergrande is expected to face $13 billion in lawsuits from Chinese creditors. 

Although China appears to be cushioning serious risks, Evergrande still faces significant consequences. Because China’s shift to socialism would necessitate a ‘bail out’ program because it rejects certain free market concepts, present politics will come in handy. 


After the Fed meeting, the DXY is sliding near 96.00, while Europe is rising at the cash open. 

The Fed’s decision was widely expected, and despite one more boost to account for inflation, it was considered as temporary, with the terminal rate remaining unaltered. 

The dollar was heavily bid into the event, prompting some ‘buy the rumour, sell the fact’ reactions. The DXY’s next key support is at 96.00, which will be the first big target for sellers.


Travel restrictions and less engagement as a result of increased COVID instances have harmed services. Manufacturing is improving, but with COVID cases on the rise, the outlook for the UK is bleak. At 12:00 p.m., the BoE will be up. 

The major cause for reduced output growth in December was weaker recovery momentum in the service sector (index of 53.2). Tougher COVID-19 stringency measures and repeated travel restrictions were highlighted by many survey respondents as having a detrimental impact on consumer demand. There were also rumours that businesses were hesitant to spend because of the Omicron variant’s unpredictability.

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