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Forex News March 23, 2022

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Russia reiterates that its military operation in Ukraine is proceeding as planned According to Kremlin statements, any possible contact of our forces with NATO’s forces could have far-reaching consequences. The US is putting pressure on other countries regarding Russia’s G20 membership. Despite US pressure, some countries maintain their sovereign positions. 

As things stand, Russia insists that everything is as it should be, and the situation in Ukraine appears to be dragging on for quite some time. In other news, Moscow has reaffirmed Putin’s intention to attend the G20 summit later this year in Indonesia, which is scheduled to take place in November..

Russia downplays any major blows to its energy sector for the time being. With Europe unlikely to pull the plug, Russia will be content with how things are developing in its oil and gas and energy sectors for the time being.


  • So far in European morning trade, the dollar has remained stable. 
  • The early push and pull in major currencies has turned to little change now. 
  • X is reflecting light changes on the day as Treasury yields pull back from earlier highs. The dollar is mostly stable, with a slight advance across the board at the moment. However, the changes are minor, making it difficult to draw firm conclusions for the time being. In terms of Treasuries, 10-year yields have fallen to near 2.37 percent from above 2.41 percent earlier this year. As a result, the USD/JPY has fallen back to just below 121.00 after reaching a high of 121.40 in Asia Pacific trading.
  • The pair is still up 0.1 percent on the day, but it’s been a bit of a climb down from the previous peak.
  • In other news, the EUR/USD is down a tad to 1.1015 from around 1.1040 earlier today, with the 100-hour moving average at 1.1042 limiting gains. Meanwhile, the GBP/USD pair has fallen from near 1.3300 to 1.3225, reaching session lows after testing the 38.2 retracement level at 1.3286 on a daily basis. Yen pairs are still the main ones to watch in the FX space, but a lot of that will be tied to bond market movements, so keep that in mind as well when viewing the latest twists and turns in trading sentiment.


European equities are slightly higher at the open. Risk tones are mostly stable. Eurostoxx +0.2 percent, Germany’s DAX increased by 0.4 percent; France’s CAC 40 increased by 0.2 percent; the United Kingdom’s FTSE increased by 0.3 percent; and Spain increased by 0.3 percent. +0.3% for the IBEX. 

However, US futures are showing a more cautious tone, falling 0.1 percent as the mood shifts slightly. Overall, however, equities are holding up after a week of gains. Bond yields are also remaining elevated, albeit slightly lower than earlier in the day. Ten-year Treasury yields are now around 2.38 percent, having previously risen above 2.41 percent.

In terms of foreign exchange, there has been little movement overall, with the yen remaining under pressure despite having recovered from earlier lows. USD/JPY remains just above 121.00, but has fallen from a high of 121.40 in Asia Pacific trading.

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