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Japan’s Political Scenario And Its Influence On The GBP/JPY Rate

by Seerat Fayaz   ·  October 4, 2021   ·  
Fumio Kishida was chosen by the members of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party to take over as the next party leader. Within the following week, Kishida will take the oath of office and become the next Prime Minister of Japan. Because this individual is going to be in charge of the country, this is significant news. On the other hand, this news has also caused quite a few people in the international market to show surprise.

Fumio Kishida is a well-known politician in addition to having served as Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in the past. Kishida presented his ideas and goals for the nation during a news conference that took place not too long ago. He highlighted the project of wealth equality in Japan as one of the most important measures among all of the other key initiatives he indicated.

He believes that if just a small number of people contribute to the economy, the nation will not thrive and the country would not be able to achieve significant advancements in its current state. The nation as a whole must advance. It is only fair that the riches be distributed fairly throughout the whole country.

The next Prime Minister has several ideas for how to get the economy back on its feet following the epidemic, and one of them is the 30-trillion-yuan stimulus program. Instead of precipitously raising tax rates throughout the nation, according to Kishida, the country’s fiscal policy had to be revised and improved to foster economic growth. Instead of levying large taxes on the population and making life difficult for them by doing so, he favors seeing them prosper together with the economy.


After enduring the tribulations brought on by the epidemic, the nation is anticipated to emerge victorious in 19 distinct prefectures. Although Japan is significantly behind in the race to unlock and get everything back to normal, it has been successful in vaccinating the majority of its people.

This piece of news is significant for the foreign exchange market since the yuan is now the second most powerful currency in the world, after the dollar. The US Dollar to Japanese Yen exchange rate is climbing to a higher position despite the significant shifts that are taking place in both nations.

On the other hand, if we speak about the situation of the exchange rate between the British pound and the Japanese yen, it is not very gratifying. One of the reasons why the value of the pound is falling at the moment is because there is an energy crisis in Europe. This problem is the result of limits placed on the use of coal as well as efforts to discover other sources of energy.

The value of the pound sterling in the Japanese yen has fallen to levels not seen in the previous three months. When looking at the chart of the foreign exchange market, it is plain to see that the ratio is getting close to reaching the support level. As the month continues, we anticipate that the ratio will reach its highest point, which will be 153.

Despite all this, the state of affairs in the nation at the moment forecasts that there will be a significant shift in the value of the currency’s exchange rate if and when the measures proposed by Fumio Kishida are put into action. Nearly all investors in the Japanese yen are keeping a close eye on the upcoming elections in November, which are scheduled to take place in Japan. The state of the nation’s economy and currency may be inferred to a significant extent from the political climate.

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