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Purpose of Moving Averages

The purpose of the moving average is to smooth out fluctuations in the market that only last for a short period of time. Because MA represent an average decline in value over a certain period of time, they make it possible for traders to determine, in a straightforward manner, the general direction in which the market is moving as a whole.

A further advantage of the MA is that it is a customizable indicator. This enables traders to choose the time frame that is most appropriate for the trading goals that they have set for themselves. Moving averages are often used for market entry, as well as for evaluating the levels of possible resistance and possible support. When the price of the security is trading below the (MA), the moving average often acts as a resistance level; conversely, it frequently acts as a support level when the price of the security is trading above the MA.


The moving average may be used by traders in primarily two different ways.

  • In order to establish the general direction of the trend
  • To determine surrort and resistanse levels
  • In order to ascertain the course that the trend will take:

When prices are moving in the direction of higher rises, the MA will adjust by also moving higher to reflect the increasing prices. This is done to account for the rising prices. This should be seen as a positive signal, and investors may refer to opportunities to purchase. The opposite would be real if the rise was consistently trading below the MA indicator, at which point traders would refer to selling opportunities owing to the market signalling a downward trend. In this scenario, the opposite would be true.

  • The moving average for the levels of resistance and supression:

As soon as a trade has been placed, a trader may utilise the MA to ascertain the levels of support and resistance in the market. If the trader notices that the MA is heading in an upward direction, they can join the market when it retests the MA. In a similar vein, if a trader already has a long position in a market that is in an uptrend, then the MA may be employed as a stop-loss level. Opposite is a good stone to consult while analysing downward trends.