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Mastering the Art of Trading The News Before The Release for Guaranteed Success

by Onuraag Das   ·  September 1, 2023   ·  


The world of Forex is akin to a vast, unpredictable ocean, where market currents shift with every news release. In this ever-changing environment, the strategy of trading the news before the release emerges as a beacon of stability for traders. While it might not provide the heart-racing thrill that comes with post-release trading, its value lies in its measured and calculated approach.

By opting to trade before major announcements, traders tap into a less explored facet of the market. This period, often characterized by anticipation and speculative sentiments, is rife with subtle cues. It is these cues, these minute shifts in the market, that can provide astute traders with invaluable insights. 

When you delve into trading the news before the release, it’s not just about making quick profits. It’s a proactive step toward understanding the market’s undercurrents, foreseeing potential trends, and positioning oneself accordingly. In doing so, traders are not merely reacting to the market; they are strategizing, thereby safeguarding their investments and turning potential challenges into strategic advantages.

Moreover, this approach of preemptive trading emphasizes the importance of research, analysis, and foresight. By equipping themselves with these tools, traders are better prepared, more informed, and in an ideal position to capitalize on the opportunities that arise even before the rest of the market catches on. In essence, it’s about mastering the art of anticipation in the dynamic realm of Forex.

Understanding the Forex Landscape

Navigating the Forex market is akin to steering a ship through unpredictable waters, especially during the tempest of news releases. The waves of volatility that such releases generate can capsize even the most seasoned traders if they’re unprepared. However, in the seemingly tranquil moments leading up to the storm—during the phase of trading before the news release—there lies an expanse of untapped potential.

This quietude, often overshadowed by the looming news release, is a treasure trove for those who know where to look. Trading before the news release offers traders a vantage point, a brief window of opportunity to understand, analyze, and make informed decisions without the added pressure of market frenzy. Proper timing combined with a meticulously crafted strategy during this phase can set the trajectory for anticipated market shifts.

But what does it take to truly harness the power of this pre-release period? The answer lies deeper than just awaiting the news. It’s rooted in the ability to decode the pulse of the market, the whispers of emerging trends, and the subtle shifts in trader sentiments. Tools and metrics play an essential role in this, providing tangible data for what might otherwise seem like intuition.

The 10-day simple moving average (SMA) stands out as a favored ally for many in this quest. This tool, though simple in its design, offers profound insights into market momentum and potential trend directions. By studying the SMA and other such tools, traders can piece together a clearer picture of the market’s landscape. This, in turn, enables them to craft strategies that are not just reactive but proactive, ensuring that when the storm hits, they are not just weathering it, but riding its waves to success.

Diving Deep into Trading the News Before the Release Strategies

Embarking on a journey into the realm of Forex trading without a map or strategy is like sailing into uncharted waters. With news releases acting as potential storm-bringers, understanding the tactics to employ during the calm before the storm is crucial. Let’s delve into two primary strategies that traders can harness during the pre-release phase.

Pre-Release Trend Following Strategy

Trading the news before the release.
Source: DFX

“Follow the trend, until the end when it bends,” is an age-old adage in the trading world. The essence of the pre-release trend following strategy is encapsulated in this saying. Instead of predicting the market’s next move, this strategy emphasizes moving with the current flow, using the market’s momentum to one’s advantage before any disruptive news release shakes the waters.

A cornerstone tool in this approach is the 10-day SMA. This tool offers a lens into the market’s pulse, revealing its heartbeat or the prevailing trend. By observing where the prices lie concerning the 10-day SMA, traders can deduce the market’s sentiment. A position above the SMA signals a bullish sentiment, indicating an uptrend, while one below suggests a bearish mood, pointing to a downtrend. Armed with this knowledge, traders can align their sails— or trades, with the wind, hoping that the upcoming news complements the existing trend or doesn’t veer them off course.

But, as with any voyage, treacherous waters might lie ahead. Unexpected news that doesn’t align with the market’s forecast can bring turbulent tides, posing threats to our navigational strategies. To counteract this, setting up protective measures, like stop-loss orders, becomes imperative, acting as lifebuoys in rough seas.

Pre-Release Calm Strategy

Trading the news before the release.
Source: DFX

On the flip side of riding the waves is the art of finding serenity amidst the sea—this is where the pre-release calm strategy shines. Think of it as finding those serene spots in the ocean where the water is tranquil, just before a potential storm (major news announcement) disturbs the peace.

This period of calm, especially noticeable before significant news events such as the US non-farm payrolls, offers an oasis for traders. They can strategize without the usual market noise and hustle, a boon particularly for those who’d rather stay ashore than surf the post-news tumultuous waves.

Success in the pre-release calm strategy requires an eagle’s vision. One must scan the horizons, marking out crucial support and resistance levels, akin to landmarks on a map. These levels act as markers for potential entry and exit points. Given the generally subdued atmosphere and lighter trade volume during this phase, identifying these levels becomes paramount.

To draw an analogy, while the trend-following strategy is about sailing with the wind, the calm strategy is about anchoring in a safe spot, observing, and making moves only when certain of the surroundings. Both approaches, though distinct, offer unique avenues for traders to capitalize on the pre-release phase, ensuring they’re well-prepared for any storms or sunshines that the Forex market might bring their way.

Decoding Market Behavior: Why Trade Before the Release?

The world of Forex is akin to a vast, unpredictable ocean, where news releases act as the gusty winds steering the market’s tides. For traders, understanding when to set sail and when to dock is crucial. This is where the subtle art of trading before the news release stands out as a beacon of prudence, steering traders away from possible storms.

When one opts for trading in the serene hours before a significant news event, it’s akin to a chess player deliberating their moves in a quiet room before a championship match. This period is devoid of the cacophony of abrupt market shifts, offering traders the mental space to strategize. Such pre-release moments empower traders to sculpt their trading landscape, ensuring they have a vantage point to view potential market movements. With clearer skies, they can plot their course, set their sails (or trades), and navigate with more confidence.

Now, what’s intriguing about the Forex landscape during these calm moments is the myriad of trading opportunities that unfold. Short-term market patterns, like trends and ranges, emerge more visibly. The pre-release calm strategy, for instance, offers traders a unique lens to observe and exploit these sideways market patterns. These moments of stillness, where the market meanders without strong directional bias, are ripe for tactical trades.

Contrastingly, for those who prefer riding the waves than watching from the shore, the pre-release trend following strategy becomes their surfboard. It’s during these periods that market momentum becomes palpable, allowing traders to harness it and surf towards potential profits, all before the major news wave hits.

However, as in every trading endeavor, the sea isn’t always calm. At times, undercurrents or rumors can stir the waters, bringing unexpected volatility. A whisper here, an insider tip there, or global events can create ripples even before the actual news announcement. This unpredictability underscores the importance of vigilance and having a multi-pronged approach. Just as sailors have alternative routes mapped out, traders should too. Keeping a post-release strategy in one’s arsenal ensures they’re not just prepared for the calm but are also ready to navigate through any sudden storms that might arise. After all, in the vast ocean of Forex, it’s not just about sailing; it’s about mastering the art of navigation.


Trading the news before the release is an art, mastered through understanding, patience, and continuous learning. By harnessing the power of tools like the 10-day SMA and strategies like the pre-release trend following and calm strategies, traders can find success even in the seeming stillness before a storm.

However, as with all things Forex, it’s essential to stay updated, be adaptable, and never stop learning. For, in the dynamic world of Forex trading, knowledge and strategy are the keys to guaranteed success. Harness the calm, anticipate the storm, and set yourself up for trading triumph.

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  1. What is the advantage of trading before the news release? Trading before the news release allows traders to analyze and position themselves in a less volatile market environment. This strategy provides a chance to anticipate potential market movements based on existing trends and sentiments.
  2. How does the 10-day SMA assist in pre-release trading? The 10-day SMA is an effective tool to gauge short-term market trends. If prices trade above the SMA, it suggests an uptrend, while prices below indicate a downtrend. It aids traders in making informed decisions before a news release.
  3. Can I rely solely on the pre-release trend following strategy for success? While the pre-release trend following strategy is powerful, relying solely on any one strategy can be risky. Diversifying your approach and staying adaptable to market changes is always recommended.
  4. What makes the pre-release calm strategy different from the trend following strategy? The pre-release calm strategy focuses on exploiting short-term market ranges during the quiet period before a news release, especially events like US non-farm payrolls. In contrast, the trend following strategy leverages market momentum based on prevailing trends.
  5. How important is risk management when trading before the news release? Extremely important. While trading before the news release offers a more predictable environment, unforeseen factors can still introduce volatility. Utilizing risk management tools, like stop-loss orders, is crucial.
  6. Are there specific economic events that suit the pre-release calm strategy? Yes, the quiet periods before significant announcements, such as the US non-farm payrolls, are ideal times to implement the pre-release calm strategy due to the typically lower market volatility.
  7. Can unexpected volatility disrupt pre-release trading strategies? Absolutely. While trading before the news release provides a level of predictability, rumors or unexpected global events can introduce volatility, underscoring the need for risk management.
  8. How frequently should I use the 10-day SMA when trading before a news release? The 10-day SMA is a valuable tool for short-term trend analysis. It’s advisable to consult it regularly, especially when strategizing for pre-release trading, to get a clear picture of the market direction.
  9. How does the pre-release trend following strategy handle news that’s in line with market expectations? When news aligns with market expectations, the pre-release trend following strategy often benefits as the market is likely to continue in its existing direction without much disruption.
  10. How do I decide between the pre-release calm strategy and the trend following strategy? Your choice should depend on the current market environment and your risk appetite. If the market is showing clear trends, the trend following strategy may be apt. However, during quieter periods, especially before significant announcements like the US non-farm payrolls, the calm strategy could be more effective. Always assess the market conditions and your comfort level with each strategy before deciding.

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