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Forex News January 17, 2022

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Last year, Bitcoin’s use at BitPay merchants declined to roughly 65 percent of processed payments, down from 92 percent in 2020. Ether purchases accounted for 15 percent of the total and 13 percent stablecoins. Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Litecoin were the new currencies introduced to BitPay in 2021, accounting for 3% of the total.

Although crypto is eroding fiat as a means of payment, it is unclear if BTC will be the greatest gain.


Japan statistics of Tertiary Industry Index for November +0.4% m/m (previous +1.5%). This economic indicator essentially measures the total value of services acquired by Japanese firms over the course of a month and is frequently cited as a leading indication for the health or otherwise of the Japanese economy.


Eurostoxx +0.4 percent, Germany DAX +0.4 percent, France CAC 40 +0.4 percent, UK FTSE +0.5 percent & Spain IBEX +0.5 percent

As the session began, this enabled a better risk mood. Commodity currencies are maintaining little gains in FX, with USD/CAD down 30 pips to 1.2523. This is aided by oil, which is up 0.7 percent to $84.37 as it approaches a test of resistance at $85. In terms of the dollar. So far on the day, it hasn’t altered much but has remained relatively tepid.


Commodity currencies maintain a modest increase so far on the day.

So far, the dollar and yen are the slight laggards as risk tones hold up to begin the week To begin the morning, European stocks are marginally higher, while commodities currencies are somewhat higher. The USD/CAD is down 0.3 percent to 1.2513, as sellers seek to push and prod the 200-day moving average once more.

Aside from that, EUR/USD is up slightly to 1.1430 from about 1.1415 earlier, while GBP/USD investors will be trying to retest its own 200-day moving average around 1.3733.

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