Forex News January 25, 2022

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To begin the day, European markets open higher in catch-up play. The increases here belie the market’s underlying sentiment: Eurostoxx +0.9 percent, German DAX +0.8 percent, France CAC 40 +1.1 percent, UK FTSE +0.8 percent, and Spain IBEX +0.9 percent.  

European indexes finished in the red yesterday, missing out on Wall Street’s remarkable bounce. As a result, the gains here are somewhat compensating for the losses in US futures for the time being.

As a result, despite the initial gains, the actual market sentiment is tending toward one of caution and caution. Currently, S&P 500 futures are down 1.2 percent, Nasdaq futures are down 1.8 percent, and Dow futures are down 0.8 percent.


  • Bitcoin is up 2.8 percent in 24 hours, while other altcoins are losing ground in the cryptocurrency market.
  • The cryptocurrency market has increased by 0.2 percent in the previous 24 hours to $1.63 trillion, indicating a halt or comeback following a protracted decline. Buyer enthusiasm for cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies are digital currency that are nearly impossible to counterfeit and are based on blockchai… Please read this. Term came at the price of a rally in US shares, as selloff seekers believed their moment had arrived.
  • Without Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market capitalization fell below $1 trillion last Saturday, and this level is now acting as near-term resistance. Bitcoin fell to $33K at one point on Monday, but recovered in the late US session and is presently trading at $36.4K.
  • Yesterday’s decline nearly bridged the July gap and originated from the lower edge of the downward channel. The latter suggests that, despite the presence of bears, the market is not yet prepared to accelerate its slide.
  • Bitcoin has gained 2.8 percent in the last 24 hours, but other altcoins have lost ground. So, yesterday’s comeback in bitcoin and the positive dynamics of the crypto market may be linked to technical factors: crypto investors are fleeing altcoins for more liquid BTC, producing transient bounces but nothing more.
  • The nearest objective for BTC’s downside is $32.3K, which would completely close the difference.
  • It is, nevertheless, prudent to be prepared for a retest of the July lows of $29.5-30K. These levels may not last long if the stock markets do not support them. Ether also had a late-day rally yesterday, indicating that the market is far from capitulating.
  • After seven days of decline, the leading altcoin managed to conclude Monday with a sliver of a gain. Nonetheless, no signals of a break in the downturn have emerged. Furthermore, a death cross is building in the ether, as the 50-day moving average is now only a few days away from crossing the 200-day from top to bottom. This indication is frequently followed by another bearish onslaught.


  • It is too early to talk about an economic rebound in Germany;
  • There is some small easing of supply difficulties in the industry sector;
  • Supply challenges concerning raw materials and preliminary goods have lessened; and
  • Retail delivery bottlenecks have also improved.
  • There is some positive news in that supply disruptions are less common to begin the year, but we’ll have to wait and see if there are any additional noticeable improvements in the months ahead.
  • Otherwise, it may be difficult to observe a major improvement in overall conditions, especially with price/cost pressures continuing quite high.

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