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Forex News March 05, 2022

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  • Russia seeks to control the flow of information to its citizens.
  • Russia has blocked Facebook use in the country. Needless to say, the goal is to halt the flow of information to its citizens. Meta’s price is down $2.40, or 1.18 percent, to $200.57.
  • With each passing day, it becomes clear that Putin is unconcerned.
  • Amass 190,000 troops at the border , Warn of nuclear attack
  • Invade and put own soldiers in danger.
  • Sees currency fall 64 percent from Feb 16 low
  • Has most of the world enacted economic sanctions
  • Has sanctions imposed on oligarchy
  • Send in a 40-mile convey
  • Bomb civilians
  • Deploy munitions at a nuclear power plant
  • Take over a nuclear power plant
  • Russian market ETF shares have fallen by 80% since February 16.
  • Banning FB/Meta isn’t anything new, and it’s certainly not surprising.
  • In Russia, all media outlets have been banned, and Twitter has been blocked.
  • Russia banned Facebook earlier today. It also restricted access to the BBC and the Voice of America. Twitter has now been added to the list of prohibited websites.
  • It’s a point to ponder what Putins’ objectives are; Take over all of Ukraine. Control over their agricultural market. Expect the country grab to continue over time.
  • Squeeze oil and weaken Europe/US, resulting in a market crash;
  • Squeeze agricultural supply and further destabilise global supply chain problems
  • Cause global inflation to skyrocket;
  • Prompt retaliation from NATO/the West and a full-fledged war; and
  • Internally destabilise Europe and the United States.
  • Destabilize/hack the internet, as well as critical infrastructure systems that rely on it
  • The goals of the West:
  • Squeeze the Russian economy, which leads to their own revolution;
  • Have the revolution remove Putin;
  • Return to normalcy with a new regime; and
  • Impose safeguards to prevent this from happening again.

Americas FX

  • Forex news for North American trading on March 4, 2022
  • US major indices close lower on the day and for the week
  • Russia now blocks Twitter WTI crude oil futures in the United States settled at $115.68.
  • White House Economic Advisor: It is critical that we maintain a steady supply of global energy
  •  Bakers Hughes oil rig count drops from 519 to -3.
  • Today’s European stock market closes sharply lower. The major indices had a terrible week as well.
  • USDRUB makes a new high and approaches week highs.
  • The EURCHF is tested for parity. Since January 2015, the price has not fallen below 1.0000.
  • Ivey PMI for February is 60.6, up from 50.7 in January.
  • Scholz, the German Chancellor, has spoken with Putin: Putin has been urged to put an end to the fighting.
  • Evans of the Chicago Fed: For a long time, job numbers have been quite good. The labour market is stable.
  • US February non-farm payrolls: 678K vs. 400K expected
  • ForexLive European FX news roundup: The euro is collapsing, and risk is jittery ahead of the NFP. As the NA session begins, the NZD is the strongest currency, while the EUR is the weakest.
  • The focus event for any jobs day is typically the US jobs day.
  • Today, however, US traders were once again met with unsettling news from Ukraine.
  •  Overnight, Russian forces launched rockets at a Ukrainian nuclear power plant, and while the resulting fire did not result in a catastrophic nuclear radiation event, Russian forces did seize control of the facility, which provides 20% of Ukraine’s power, and is likely to be used in their ongoing takeover of the country.

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