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Future Trajectory of Crude Oil represented in image.

Analyzing the Future Trajectory of Crude Oil and Natural Gas Markets: Resistance and Uptrends

The global energy markets are currently under the spotlight as crude oil and natural gas prices exhibit intriguing trends. With the economic recovery gaining momentum and geopolitical factors at play, traders and investors are closely watching these commodities. In this article, we delve into the recent developments, and the future trajectory of crude oil and natural gas, examining the crucial resistance levels, uptrends, and market outlook.

Exploring the Future Trajectory of Crude Oil and the Hesitant Uptrend in Natural Gas: Key Levels and Outlook

Crude oil, specifically the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) benchmark, has caught the attention of market participants due to its overbought condition. The commodity has been testing a vital resistance level as it flirts with the upper edge of a rising pitchfork channel since mid-June. Notably, this resistance coincides with other significant hurdles, including the April high of 83.50 and the 89-week moving average.

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Despite the overbought conditions, the technical charts still reflect a higher-highs-higher-lows pattern, indicating that the overall uptrend remains intact. However, a crucial point of analysis is the negative divergence observed on lower timeframe charts. This divergence suggests that the rising price is associated with a stalling in momentum, hinting that crude oil might face challenges in clearing the resistance, at least in its initial attempt.

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The immediate cushion area around 80.00-81.00 serves as a critical support level. A break below this level would be necessary for the short-term upward pressure to wane. As long as this support holds, the path of least resistance for crude oil remains sideways to upward. A decisive breach above the resistance at 83.50 could potentially pave the way toward the November high of 93.75. It’s worth noting that the 83.50 level is of utmost significance. Until crude oil manages to surpass the April high, the prevailing market sentiment suggests a sideways to downward bias.

Natural Gas: Hesitant Uptrend and Key Levels

In contrast to the overbought condition in crude oil, the natural gas market is witnessing a hesitant uptrend. The journey of natural gas prices has been characterized by two steps forward and one step back, especially since the beginning of 2023. This cautious uptrend has been further highlighted by a sharp fall in prices on certain occasions. Despite these setbacks, the commodity managed to display resilience and attempted to break past the upper edge of a range at around 2.70.

However, surrendering gains in a single day underscores the challenges faced by natural gas. The prevailing downtrend since late 2022 has established a series of pivot points along the way. For a robust uptrend to take hold, natural gas must overcome various hurdles, with one notable barrier being the March high ranging from 3.00 to 3.05. This range includes the March high itself and the 30-week moving average.

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Momentum in natural gas is showing signs of faltering, which could pose difficulties in clearing the resistance area, particularly on the first attempt. A break below the resistance-turned-support level at 2.70 could potentially lead to a decline toward strong support at 2.40-2.50, which encompasses the lower edge of the Ichimoku cloud on daily charts. Maintaining the 2.40-2.50 support would enable natural gas to make another decisive attempt at breaching the 2.70 resistance. A successful move above 2.70 could open the door toward the 200-day moving average, which currently hovers around 3.40.

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From a medium-term perspective, natural gas appears to have alleviated some of the downward pressure, finding support around the psychological 2.00 mark. However, a truly significant rally would require the commodity to clear the 200-day moving average, thereby validating the rally from March as more than just a corrective phase.

Outlook: Balancing Between Upside Potential and Hurdles

As traders and investors navigate the complex landscape of crude oil and natural gas markets, a delicate balance is struck between potential upside and key resistance levels. Crude oil’s overbought condition and its confrontation with crucial resistance create an intriguing scenario. While the higher-highs-higher-lows pattern maintains the overall uptrend, the negative divergence raises caution.

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On the other hand, natural gas showcases a hesitant uptrend, oscillating between progress and retracement. The need to overcome pivotal resistance levels to establish a robust uptrend is evident, with momentum playing a critical role. As natural gas attempts to clear hurdles and crude oil strives to break its resistance, market participants remain vigilant, monitoring these commodities’ trajectories closely.


In conclusion, the energy markets, represented by crude oil and natural gas, are at a juncture where technical patterns, resistance levels, and momentum converge. The outcome of these dynamics will significantly shape the future direction of these commodities. Traders and investors are advised to keep a close watch on developments, as overcoming hurdles could usher in extended uptrends, while failures may result in corrective phases.

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