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Gold Price Holds Above $1,940, Faces Resistance and Potential Rally

by Onuraag Das   ·  May 27, 2023   ·  

Gold, the precious metal that has captured the attention of investors, experienced a day of fluctuating fortunes as it held above the important level of $1,940. Despite erasing its earlier daily gains, gold managed to maintain its position above this key support level. From a technical perspective, analysts are closely observing the resistance that lies ahead, signaling potential challenges for the gold price.

The current resistance zone is identified between $1,970 and $1,980, representing a strong horizontal barrier that gold needs to overcome in order to resume its upward trajectory. Traders are closely monitoring this critical level to determine whether the gold price can break through and establish a sustained move higher. Should gold manage to surpass this resistance, it could trigger a short-covering rally, with traders scrambling to close their bearish positions and potentially pushing the price towards the psychological mark of $2,000.

Technical Analysis Suggests Mixed Outlook for Gold Amidst Resistance and Selling Opportunities

However, caution remains prevalent among market participants, who view any further upward movement in the gold price as a potential selling opportunity. There is a prevailing sentiment that once gold approaches the range of $2,010 to $2,012, it could encounter selling pressure and struggle to extend its gains. This area is considered a supply zone, where sellers may enter the market and cap the upside potential for gold.

On the other hand, bearish traders are patiently waiting for a decisive break below the 100-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), currently positioned near the $1,935 region. Such a move would signal a shift in sentiment and set the stage for a continuation of the recent retracement slide from the all-time high reached earlier this month. If the 100-day SMA is breached, it could lead to a downward pressure on the gold price, potentially pushing it towards the round-figure mark of $1,900.

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Examining the fundamental factors driving the gold market, the metal has attracted some buying interest as it held above $1,940. This modest recovery comes after gold touched a two-month low in the previous session, finding support near the 100-day SMA. Although this bounce has interrupted the two-day losing streak, it remains to be seen whether it can be sustained.

The recent dynamics of the US Dollar (USD) have played a role in shaping the gold market. The USD, after rallying to a two-month high, has experienced some profit-taking by bulls. This weakening of the US Dollar has provided a favorable environment for gold. However, market observers caution against excessive optimism, as the Federal Reserve (Fed) is expected to maintain higher interest rates to combat inflation. This could act as a headwind for gold, limiting its upside potential. In fact, the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) policy meeting in June is being closely watched for potential further rate hikes.

The market sentiment has been influenced by hawkish remarks from various Fed officials and better-than-expected economic data from the United States. The revised estimate of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) report has shown that the US economy expanded at a pace of 1.3% during the first quarter, surpassing the initial estimate. Additionally, a drop in the Initial Weekly Jobless Claims indicates strength in the labor market, giving the Fed room to continue raising rates.

Looking ahead, market focus remains fixed on the US Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Price Index, as hawkish Fed expectations push the yield on two-year US government bonds to multi-month highs. This trend may restrain traders from placing aggressive bullish bets on gold until the release of the PCE Price Index, which will provide further insight into future rate hikes and potentially impact the performance of the US Dollar. The outcome of this data release is expected to provide additional impetus to the gold price.

While gold faces resistance and potential selling opportunities, it may find support from ongoing economic concerns

 and uncertainties surrounding the US debt ceiling. Worries about a global economic slowdown and the lack of progress in raising the government’s borrowing limit could drive investors towards safe-haven assets such as gold. Moreover, credit rating agencies’ actions, including negative watches and potential downgrades, have added to market caution, reducing risk appetite and potentially boosting the appeal of gold as a store of value.


In conclusion, the gold price remains in a precarious position as it holds above the critical $1,940 level. Technical analysis suggests a mixed outlook, with resistance and selling opportunities on the horizon. The 100-day SMA serves as a crucial support level to monitor for potential downside moves. While fundamental factors, including the strength of the US Dollar and expectations around Fed actions, may influence gold’s trajectory, ongoing economic concerns and uncertainties could provide support. Traders and investors are advised to closely watch the developments in the gold market and exercise caution in their trading strategies.

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