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‘The inevitable’

by Unlisted Blog   ·  June 9, 2022   ·  

‘The inevitable’

by Unlisted Blog   ·  June 9, 2022   ·  

Climate change may force coastal residents to relocate, according to the United Kingdom. Bevan stated on the UK government’s website that the effects of climate change would “continue to worsen.” He went on to say that it was “inevitable” that some of his communities would have to relocate away from the coast. 

Bevan of the United Kingdom argued on Tuesday at a conference in Telford, Shropshire, that “in some places, the right answer — in economic, strategic, and human terms — will have to be to move communities away from the danger rather than trying to protect them from the inevitable impacts of a rising sea level.”

The World Meteorological Organization reported in May that global mean sea level had “reached a new record high in 2021, rising an average of 4.5 mm per year between 2013 and 2021.” 

This was “more than double the rate of between 1993 and 2002,” according to the WMO, and was “primarily due to the accelerated loss of ice mass from the ice sheets.” 

It is expected to have “major consequences for hundreds of millions of coastal dwellers,” as well as increase “vulnerability to tropical cyclones.” 

Bevan’s remarks came on the same day that his agency published its Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy Roadmap.

The roadmap, which runs until 2026, lays out plans to ensure that “the country is resilient and ready to respond and adapt to flooding and coastal change.”

The plan will look to:

• Create a “new national flood risk assessment” focusing on the sea, rivers, and surface water. 

• Improve the Environment Agency’s digital tools so that people can assess their flood risk and sign up for flood warnings. 

• Collaborate with the Town and Country Planning Association to develop training materials aimed at improving “skills and capabilities” related to development planning and flood risk. 

“Even if the Environment Agency could afford to build coast protection everywhere — which they cannot — the things that many people cherish about the coast, such as beaches and sand dunes, will eventually become submerged, unless we start planning now for how the coastline can adjust to rising sea levels,” says the report. 

“Honest conversations about what the future holds within coastal communities, as well as a strategic approach to deciding how to manage the coast sustainably in the future,” Hall said. 

Natasha Barlow, associate professor in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds, stated that the “speed and amount of future sea-level rise” could be “limited by restricting global temperatures.” 

“However,” she added, “we are already committed to some degree of rising sea levels and coastal erosion as a result of long-term ice sheet melt caused by climate change.” 

“As a result, a variety of adaptation strategies are required, including the relocation of coastal communities as land is lost to the sea in some cases.”

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