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What the Experts See Coming in 2022

by Seerat Fayaz   ·  January 7, 2022   ·  

What the Experts See Coming in 2022

by Seerat Fayaz   ·  January 7, 2022   ·  

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Even in the best of circumstances, it is human nature to desire to predict the future. 

In times of uncertainty, though, we are even more eager to forecast what will happen. To meet this demand, thousands of forecasters openly reveal their predictions as one year ends and another begins. In retrospect, we may discern varied degrees of success in forecasting the future. 

In reality, they are only predicting what will happen in the future year. Almost no one has a pandemic on their bingo card in 2020. Experts entirely missed NFTs in 2021, and no one saw a cargo ship being entangled in the Suez Canal in their crystal ball.

Because these educated estimates are supported by skill and experience, the following analysis is useful. Perhaps more crucially, powerful people and businesses have the ability to change the future through their forecasts. In certain situations, sentiment and actions might cause a forecast to become self-fulfilling.

General Outlook for 2022

The prevailing mood might be classified as cautiously hopeful based on the hundreds of predictions examined. 

The global economy will most certainly continue to develop, although not at the same rate as in 2021. We compiled 40+ forecasts from credible sources such as the IMF and Goldman Sachs to calculate median GDP projections for the world and selected regions: 

Several analysts predicted a period of reduced equities returns and more volatility. Many of the problems that plagued 2021 have persisted into 2022. 

Climate change and cybersecurity will be front of mind this year as technological disruption continues to transform sectors. Geopolitical tensions are also rising, as governments adjust to the immediate problems given by the epidemic.

In summary, nobody expects 2022 to be a dull year.


1. Tensions will rise in the geopolitical arena. 

There are many possible hotspots throughout the world, but here are a handful that experts are keeping an eye on in 2022. 

Iran: Tensions between the United States and Iran rose following an attack on a US military post in southern Syria in the fall of 2021. Furthermore, tensions between Iran and Israel have the potential to grow further in 2022, perhaps including other countries in the area in a confrontation. 

Ukraine: This is a resurgence of hostilities that erupted following Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. Because of Europe’s reliance on Russian gas and Ukraine’s role as a crucial gas transit hub, analysts are keeping a careful eye on the situation.

Taiwan: Experts believe that China will make a move against Taiwan, albeit the moves may be “more bark than bite.”

2. China’s Rocky Mountain Start in 2022. 

Many projections about China were mostly positive at the start of 2021, as the nation had began a recovery phase earlier than the rest of the globe. 

Fast forward to 2022, and the projections are diametrically opposed, as China faces a slew of obstacles. To begin with, there is scepticism about China’s zero-COVID plan, which has resulted in entire cities being placed under stringent lockdown restrictions even today. This method will have inescapable economic consequences.

Second, concerns about power shortages, a potential housing crisis, and regulatory crackdowns have dimmed optimism about the country’s near-term prospects. 

Finally, in 2018, Xi Jinping abolished presidential term limits, potentially placing himself to run China permanently. If the nation remains on shaky ground as the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th National Party Congress approaches later this year, it might generate a volatile political situation in Beijing.

3. This is the Year of the Worker. 

Since the epidemic upended the world of work, labour dynamics have been in the focus. A number of patterns emerge from this overarching theme: 

The labour shortages that arose during the epidemic will persist in 2022 and beyond. Certain industries, such as cybersecurity, are experiencing severe shortages of trained personnel. 

There is widespread agreement that the future of office employment is “hybrid.” 

The internet and social media have opened up a multitude of job avenues for individuals to generate an income beyond merely working for a firm. 

Work/life balance and burnout will be major topics in conversations about workplace culture

4. The Evolution of the Digital Ecosystem 

We’re going to hear a lot more about NFTs and Web3. There are several viewpoints on the former, ranging from ecstatic to downright pessimistic. Nobody knows if the buzz around profile image NFTs will die down, but the technology has opened the door to a lot of experimentation for artists and producers. 

Experts are generally optimistic about the possibilities of the rising “Creator Economy,” a catch-all name for the new technology environment and expanding infrastructure that is enabling individual content producers to monetize and thrive. 

Another trend that is gaining traction is social media-based ecommerce.

 The option to buy things directly from influencers is becoming increasingly prevalent on major social networks, and ecommerce businesses are developing more solutions to assist influencers in their marketing efforts. 

Gartner predicts that by 2026, 60% of Millennial and Gen Z customers would prefer to make purchases through social media rather than traditional digital commerce platforms. 

5. Inflation Slowly Declines 

Concerns about inflation have always arisen from time to time, but in nations such as the United States, really devastating levels of inflation have not been witnessed since the 1980s. 

After trillions of dollars in fiscal stimulus and borrowing, inflation reappeared—and it was not “temporary,” as early central bank announcements promised. Experts predict that higher-than-normal inflation will persist till 2022.

While inflation is projected to have an impact in the future, analysts predict that it will level off (compared to 2021) when supply chain disruptions are resolved. 

6. Another Promising Year for Electric Vehicles 

As climate change takes centre stage in 2022, governmental initiatives will push automakers to think about the future of their fossil-fuel vehicles. 

EV sales are anticipated to hit new records this year, even as subsidies are gradually phased off in a number of locations. In addition, fleet electrification will be a growing trend. 

In 2021, industrial and battery metals such as lithium and cobalt increased by 477 percent and 208 percent, respectively, a trend that many analysts anticipate will continue into 2022.

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