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Explosive GBP/USD, Oil Forecast Surges with Positivity in Financial Markets

by admin   ·  October 20, 2023  

GBP/USD rises as UK inflation holds, Oil Forecast Surges amid Middle East tension and China’s GDP growth

The foreign exchange and commodities markets are abuzz with excitement as traders keep a close watch on the GBP/USD and oil markets. The GBP/USD currency pair has recently shown signs of resilience, primarily due to an unexpected development in the UK’s inflation numbers. Simultaneously, oil prices have surged to a two-week high, driven by escalating tensions in the Middle East and encouraging data from China.

GBP/USD’s Surprising Rise

The GBP/USD currency pair has been making headlines as it defies market expectations. After a period of uncertainty, the British pound is pushing higher against a slightly softer U.S. dollar. This shift follows the release of UK inflation data, which pleasantly surprised market observers.

The latest consumer price index revealed that UK inflation held at 6.7% year-on-year in September, versus an expected decrease to 6.6%. This result is in line with August’s CPI reading, confounding expectations of a decline. The unexpected resilience in inflation comes in the wake of a cooling labor market, as indicated by UK wage growth data.

However, what’s really keeping inflation steady is the soaring oil prices, which have had a substantial impact on the consumer price index. The rise in oil prices has led to higher costs at the gas pumps for motorists, and this, in turn, has contributed to keeping inflation at bay.

Despite these developments, it’s unlikely that this data will significantly alter the immediate outlook for interest rates. The Bank of England has already implemented 14 consecutive rate hikes, which have started to slow down the economy. Bank of England officials are now facing a tough decision – whether to increase rates again to return inflation to its target of 2% – when they convene on November 2nd.

Money markets are currently pricing in a 30% probability of a 25 basis point rate hike in November and a 60% probability of a rate increase by early next year. The decisions made by the Bank of England in the coming months will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the GBP/USD exchange rate.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the US dollar is experiencing some pressure, despite upbeat economic data. Both US retail sales and industrial production have come in stronger than expected, raising questions about the Federal Reserve’s next moves.

While recent Fed officials have suggested that the US central bank may not need to raise interest rates again this year, data continues to show that the US economy is more resilient than anticipated. This resilience could prompt a more hawkish stance from the Federal Reserve, and traders are keeping a close eye on developments on this front.

Attention is now turning toward US housing permit data and a series of Fed officials scheduled to speak, which could provide more insight into the Fed’s next moves. With both the UK and US central banks at critical junctures, the GBP/USD is undoubtedly one of the key pairs to watch in the coming weeks.

Oil Prices Soar Amidst Middle East Tensions and Chinese Growth

On the other side of the financial spectrum, oil markets are experiencing a notable surge in prices. This surge is primarily driven by two significant factors – escalating tensions in the Middle East and impressive economic growth in China.

Tensions in the Middle East are reaching a fever pitch, with a blast at a Gaza City hospital threatening to further escalate the ongoing conflict in the region. The cancellation of the summit between Jordan and US President Biden has reduced the likelihood of a diplomatic solution to the Israel-Hamas conflict. As long as tensions in the Middle East remain elevated, the threat of the conflict expanding continues to loom, keeping oil prices well supported.

China, the world’s second-largest economy, is contributing to the surge in oil prices with better-than-expected economic growth in the third quarter. China’s GDP rose by 1.3% quarter-on-quarter, a significant improvement from the 0.5% growth seen in the April to June period. Additionally, data revealed that China’s oil refinery throughput in September reached a record daily rate, up by 12% from the previous year. These figures suggest that stimulus support from Beijing is effectively boosting the Chinese economy, targeting a 5% growth rate for the year.

However, despite the positive signs from China’s economy, concerns over its real estate sector remain, and this issue continues to be a point of discussion among market analysts.

Adding to the bullish sentiment in the oil market, US crude stockpiles fell by a substantial 4.4 million barrels in the week ending October 13th, a much steeper drawdown than the expected 300,000 barrels. All eyes are now on the upcoming EIA stockpile data, which will provide further insight into the state of the US oil industry and its implications for global oil prices.

Technical Analysis and What to Watch

For traders and investors in the GBP/USD market, technical analysis points to some crucial levels to watch. After recently testing support at 1.2135, the currency pair is attempting to break above the 20 simple moving average (SMA) at 1.22. This level has provided resistance throughout the week. A successful move above 1.22 could open the door to further gains, with the falling trendline resistance at 1.23 and the October high of 1.2340 being potential targets.

Oil Forecast Surges
Source: forex

On the flip side, sellers may be encouraged by the 50 SMA crossing below the 200 SMA. If they manage to defend the 20 SMA, the price could fall back to test the weekly low of 1.2135, with 1.2040 as a potential target. Traders should keep a close eye on these levels and moving averages for potential trading opportunities in the GBP/USD market.

In the oil market, the technical analysis suggests that oil has extended its rebound from the October low of 80.70. It has risen above the 20 and 50 SMAs, with a bullish crossover appearing on the MACD. Buyers are testing the multi-month rising trendline resistance at 87.80. If they manage to break above this level, it could bring the psychological level of 90.00 into focus.

Oil Forecast Surges

On the other hand, the longer upper wick on a recent candle suggests that there might not be strong demand at these higher levels. This could encourage sellers to attempt a break below the 20 SMA, with potential targets at 84.40 (the weekly low) and 82.00 (the October low).


In conclusion, the GBP/USD and oil markets are poised for significant moves in the coming weeks. Traders and investors are closely monitoring key economic data, geopolitical developments, and technical analysis to make informed decisions in these dynamic and ever-changing markets. Whether you’re interested in currency trading or oil investments, the GBP/USD and oil forecasts are certainly two trades to watch.

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