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Gold Faces Pressure Amid Rising US Dollar and Treasury Yields

by Onuraag Das   ·  August 18, 2023   ·  

The global financial landscape is often a complex interplay of various elements, each with its own role in shaping the economic narrative. Recently, gold, historically viewed as a stable asset, is witnessing a tumultuous phase. The primary cause? Gold faces pressure from the resurging US Dollar and the climbing Treasury yields.

Gold Faces Pressure: China’s Economic Dynamics and US Treasury Movements Impact XAU/USD’s Path Forward

For centuries, gold has been revered as a symbol of wealth, a store of value, and an instrument to hedge against economic uncertainties. Even in the face of economic downturns, its sheen rarely diminishes. However, the recent decline in gold price is creating ripples in the financial world. The immediate question that investors and market pundits are grappling with is – why is gold facing such pressure?

The US Dollar, represented by the DXY Index, has been gaining traction in the global market, trading at its highest levels since early June. As the Dollar strengthens, it inversely impacts commodities priced in it, including gold. The more robust the Dollar, the more expensive it becomes for holders of other currencies to buy gold, leading to decreased demand and consequently, a drop in gold’s price.

Another critical factor exerting pressure on gold is the rising Treasury yields. A bond yield represents the return an investor receives from holding the bond, and when it goes up, the bond’s price goes down. Recently, the benchmark 10-year bond reached a trading point of 4.328%, nearing its highest return since 2007. As yields on these bonds rise, they provide a more attractive investment compared to non-yielding assets like gold. The trend has witnessed investors transitioning their investments from gold to these bonds, resulting in reduced demand for the yellow metal.

China’s Role in the Narrative

The economic situation in China also plays a pivotal role in this unfolding narrative. With the recent deterioration in the Chinese Yuan and the revelation of China reducing their US Treasury holdings, the Asian giant’s financial activities are impacting global markets. Some significant property developers in China, like Country Garden and Sino Ocean, have defaulted on their bonds. The situation escalated when Evergrande, another large Chinese property company, filed for Chapter 15 protection in the US.

Market experts are wary of the concept of contagion. Such defaults and protection filings could trigger a domino effect, potentially destabilizing the global financial market. Historically, in such times of market upheaval and uncertainty, both gold and Treasuries have been seen as safe havens. But the current scenario is different. Despite the financial disturbances originating in China, gold has not been the sanctuary it traditionally is.

The GVZ Index – A Measure of Uncertainty

The GVZ index, an indicator of gold’s implied volatility, provides insights into the market’s expectations and uncertainty. Although it has been relatively dormant for some time, the index has shown increased activity recently, suggesting a building apprehension within the market. Such a forward-looking volatility index indicates that gold might be in for a substantial price movement soon.

To represent "Gold Faces Pressure" visually.
Source: DFX

If China’s economic situation continues to deteriorate, it could create further complications in the global market. Authorities in China might require more USD for transactions to support the Yuan, leading to an increased demand for the Dollar in various markets, including XAU/USD.


“Gold faces pressure” has become the recent catchphrase among investors and market analysts. With the US Dollar’s rise and the ascending Treasury yields, the pressure on gold prices is tangible. Additionally, with China’s economic activities stirring the pot, the global financial market is on its toes.

However, the world of finance is unpredictable. While current indicators suggest a challenging time for gold, it remains to be seen how the situation evolves. For now, investors and traders are keenly observing, ready to adapt their strategies to the ever-changing financial landscape.

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