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All About Money

You occasionally come across a dirty, tattered dollar bill that appears to have been around since the dawn of time. Without a doubt, it hasn’t, yet the history of humans using cash currency dates back 40,000 years. Beginning in the Upper Paleolithic, when groups of hunters exchanged for the best flint weapons and other artifacts, …

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Crypto crash 

Bitcoin, the largest and most popular cryptocurrency, has dropped to $24,000, while almost all altcoins, beginning with Ethereum, have been losing value since the weekend.  Ethereum is trading at around $1238, its lowest level in more than 14 months. Solana also has dropped by more than 15% and is now trading around $27. Today, cryptocurrency …

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Gold and Inflation 

Gold reaches weekly highs despite rising yields. Following the release of the US May CPI report, XAU/USD fell to $1824, the lowest level in three weeks, as Treasury yields rose.  Gold broke above $1850 and gained strength after moving sideways in a wide range.  Technical factors, as well as the yellow metal’s likely reaction to …

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‘The inevitable’

Climate change may force coastal residents to relocate, according to the United Kingdom. Bevan stated on the UK government’s website that the effects of climate change would “continue to worsen.” He went on to say that it was “inevitable” that some of his communities would have to relocate away from the coast.  Bevan of the …

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Inflation and War

The World Financial Institution warned on Tuesday that the hope of avoiding a recession is fading for both large and small countries around the world.  “Recession will be difficult to avoid for many countries,” said the bank’s chairman, David Malpass.  The grinding conflict in Ukraine, ongoing supply chain chokepoints, Covid-related lockdowns in China, and dizzying …

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Plant-based protein can be good for food security

According to Temasek’s Steve Howard, livestock provides about 18 percent of calories, but farm animals occupy 80 percent of agricultural land. In some markets, livestock consume up to 80% of grain.  If consumption patterns change, those resources can be diverted away from livestock farming.  According to the chief sustainability officer of Singapore’s state investor, the …

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